Shelter Box

THE Rotary Club of Batemans Bay wishes to thank all of those of the local and extended Batemans Bay community who have generously donated and supported Rotary’s Disaster Relief Program - ShelterBox.

Since the inception of the program in 2000, 135,388 ShelterBoxes to date have been sent to nearly all of the major disasters that have occurred in many countries around the world. For example, as a result of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, 28,417 ShelterBoxes were deployed, most of which are still in use.

The deployment of ShelterBoxes also includes two disasters in Australia with the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, and also bushfires recently in south east Tasmania.
Every ShelterBox is allocated its own unique number, therefore making it possible to be able to track the location of where each box is distributed to.


Batemans Bay Rotary Club handed over five brand new, heavy duty wheelchairs

NEW WHEELS: Rotary President Alan Russell (front left), nurse Brenda Herring, member Heidi Pohlsen, nurse unit manager Rebecca Hargreaves, Rotary Community Director Bruce Gruber, and nurses Alysha Gill and Steph Russell- Jones test out the new wheelchairs donated to Batemans Bay Hospital by Batemans Bay Rotary club.

The Batemans Bay Rotary Club handed over five brand new, heavy duty wheelchairs as part of Rotary community service to nursing staff at the hospital. Rotary president Alan Russell said the $2610 needed for the wheelchairs was raised through the Rotary food van's presence at the Corrigan Beach community markets.

“This is the second lot of wheelchairs we have given the hospital,” Mr Russell said.

“It is a practical way to support the community. We like to give things to people that they can use, rather than cheques.”

Mr Russell said Rotary approached the hospital to “see what they needed”. “They said they really needed wheelchairs so we got them,” he said. The hospital's nurse unit manager Rebecca Hargreaves said having more wheelchairs was an “absolutely high priority”. “They are something that we use 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Ms Hargreaves said.

“We use them so frequently that they really get a battering.” She was thankful for the donation and said having “new chairs in good condition” would make life easier. “Without them our job is much more difficult,” Ms Hargreaves said. “We really appreciate getting five new ones, they will be put the use immediately”

Photograph and article from Bay Post



Rotary Batemans Bay took delivery of its new marquee. It will be used at many of the outdoor functions that the club supports providing protection from sun, rain and the heavy snow we get each winter as well as promoting the club and Rotary. Thanks go to Rotary District 9710 for its donation to this initiative.